Hotheads Hair Extensions in Cincinnati

Simple. Fast. Extraordinary

Now available at Hair Art Studio, Hotheads Hair Extensions! The original, tape-in hair extension uses 100% Remy human hair for a natural look and feel. Hotheads Hair Extensions come in Originals, Ultimates & Micro Strands with lengths that range from 10 to 24 inches with over 50 colors to choose from, you can create over 1000 unique shades for the ultimate look.

Why Hotheads?

Hotheads extensions is a complete system that provides a simple way for those who are looking to add a little extra volume to their natural hair. Completed in about an hour, Hotheads offers a customizable look that is simple, fast and extraordinary. If you are ready for a new you, call us today at 513-721-5110 or fill out our form to make an appointment today.

Our Hotheads Work